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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Surname Saturday: Gatlin

According to the Internet Surname Database, my surname, Gatlin, is of Anglo-Saxon origin. The site states that the surname is "a nickname for a fellow, companion or for a wandering man, from the Olde English gaedeling, Old High German gateling, a cousin, companion." The first record of the surname is from the 13th century: Geoffrey Gatelin and Johanna Gatelyn were recorded on the Hundred Rolls of Wiltshire in 1273.

My known Gatlin ancestors are:

My father

Grandfather: Henry Cornelius Gatlin
born 14 April 1910, Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois
married Helen Martha Marie Anderson 20 June 1939, Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois
died 29 December 2001, Ridgewood, Bergen Co., New Jersey

Great-grandfather: Henry Brown Gatlin
born 28 June 1884, Nashville, Davidson Co., Tennessee
married Rose Kuenninger 5 December 1905, Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois
married Anna Gertrude Tarkington (my great-grandmother) 19 November 1909, Nashville, Davidson Co., Tennessee
married Louise Elliott
died 28 February 1954, Elgin, Kane Co., Illinois

2nd-great-grandfather: John William Morton Gatlin
born 23 October 1859, Nashville, Davidson Co., Tennessee
married Sarah Claire Dyer 26 June 1881, Nashville, Davidson Co., Tennessee
died 3 April 1933, Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois

3rd-great-grandfather: William Dow Gatlin
born 19 April 1827, Davidson Co., Tennessee
married Mary Nevins 3 January 1855, Davidson Co., Tennessee
died 4 March 1911, Nashville, Davidson Co., Tennessee

4th-great-grandfather: John McNairy Gatlin
born 22 December 1803, Davidson Co., Tennessee
married Margaret Gower 22 February 1826, Davidson County, Tennessee
died 3 September 1852, Davidson Co., Tennessee

5th-great-grandfather: Nathan Gatlin
born 30 January 1782, Dobbs Co., North Carolina
married Obedience Lucas  16 February 1803, Davidson Co., Tennessee
died 8 March 1855, Davidson Do., Tennessee

6th-great-grandfather: Lazarus Gatlin
born about 1740, Craven Co., North Carolina
married Elizabeth (probably my 6th-great-grandmother)
married Alice, widow of John Vendrick 18 April 1793, Craven Co., North Carolina
married Sarah
died July 1808, Davidson Co., Tennessee

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