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Monday, November 23, 2015

Mystery Monday: What Happened to Nathan Gatlin in 1822?

I recently found the following notice in the 27 November 1822 issue of the Nashville Whig:

Nashville Whig, 27 November 1822, page 3

I had not known that my 5th-great-grandfather Nathan Gatlin was a constable. Clearly something had happened to him in 1822. Why couldn't he give security? What acts of his might injure others?

The Andrew Lucas who had been Nathan Gatlin's security was probably my 6th-great-grandfather Andrew Lucas, who was Nathan's father-in-law. He had a son who was also named Andrew Lucas, but that Andrew was only about 22 years old and had recently married. I do not know who Arnold Russell was.

This was a fascinating find! I will definitely need to do more research.

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  1. Cousin Beth -- yes this was another amazing find! Amazing pieces of history and mysteries. I can't help but wonder also. Yes we certainly have some research to do on this. I've not been able to find any historical docs that list Davidson Co TN Constables in the early 1820s. What could have happened? Thank you for all of your work, Marsha