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Sunday, November 29, 2015

52 Ancestors: Week 48 "Thankful": Samuel Lee Mayo

My 3rd-great-grandmother Angeline (Mayo) Binkley was probably thankful for the support of her older brother Samuel Lee Mayo.

Samuel Lee and Angeline were the children of Jacob Dillard Mayo and Eliza Gordon. They were born in Virginia but moved to Davidson County, Tennessee withe their parents in the 1830s.

Samuel Lee married Amanda Ezell on 5 February 1848 in Davidson County, Tennessee. They had three children: Zachary Taylor Mayo, William Daniel Mayo, and Amanda Jane Mayo. Samuel Lee married his second wife Tabitha Elizabeth Riggan on 21 September 1854 in Davidson County, Tennessee. They had four children: Samuel Lee Mayo, Mary Mayo, Charles A. Mayo, and Alonzo M. Mayo.

Angeline, her husband Davidson Binkley, and their son William Searcy Binkley moved from Tennessee to Williamson County, Illinois in the 1850s. They had two more children, Anna Malvina (my 2nd-great-grandmother) and James Rutherford Binkley. Davidson enlisted in the Union Army in 1862. He died of measles in Cairo, Alexander County, Illinois while serving with Company G, 128th Illinois Infantry.

After Davidson's death, Angeline and their children returned to Tennessee. In 1870, they lived with her brother Samuel Lee, his wife Tabitha Elizabeth, his son William, and their children Samuel Lee, Mary, Charles, and Alonzo.

1870 United States Census, District 14, Davidson County, Tennessee, population schedule, page 10. 1870 United States Federal Census [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2009.

By 1880, Angeline and her children lived on their own. Samuel Lee may have helped Angeline purchase a home.  According to a note on a family group sheet compiled by P. C. Lampley, Davidson and Angeline (Mayo) Binkley's granddaughter Laura Belle (Tarkington) Leech said that "Lee Mayo" gave "Grandma Binkley" money to buy a house at Vaughn's Gap, Davidson County, Tennessee.

From family group sheet compiled by P. C. Lampley.

Samuel Lee Mayo seems to have been a supportive big brother to his sister Angeline. She probably felt thankful.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Society Saturday: DAR Presents Sword to General Joseph Wheeler

In 1898, the Cumberland Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution presented a sword to General Joseph Wheeler. Wheeler was the senior cavalry general in the Confederate Army of Tennessee during the Civil War. He was also a general in the United States Army during the Spanish-American War and the Philippine-American War.

Nashville American, 4 May 1898, page 3

Nashville American, 6 October 1898, page 3 

Nashville American, 7 November 1898, page 6

  Nashville American, 9 November 1898, page 5

Nashville American, 10 November 1898, page 5

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Wedding Wednesday: Florence Gatlin and Downie Pate

Nashville American, 2 April 1902, page 8

 Nashville American, 6 April 1902, page 20

On 5 April 1902, my great-grandfather's sister Florence Gatlin married Downie Campbell Pate. The wedding was originally scheduled to take place on 9 April 1902, but the date was changed at the last minute. The couple married at St. Columba's Church, a Catholic church in East Nashville.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

So Many Ancestors: Week 47 "Sporting": Theodore Christopher Troedson

Theodore Christopher "Terry" Troedson was the son of my 2nd-great-grandfather's brother Ola Peter Troedson and Rosina Catharine Louise Walter. He was born on 17 October 1879 in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Terry was involved in sports. He played rugby football; his position was forward. He also participated in rowing and sailing.

Truth, 4 November 1928, page 12. Available from Trove.

In 1903 and 1904, he was a member of the Brisbane Juniors.

Brisbane Courier, 10 August 1903, page 6. Available from Trove.

Brisbane Courier, 16 July 1904, page 10. Available from Trove.

This photo depicts the winners of the Queensland Rugby Union second grade Brisbane premierships in 1901, 1903, and 1904. The team played ten matches (nine wins, one draw).

Players and officials of the Fortitude Valley Electorate Football Club, Brisbane, ca. 1904. P. C. Poulsen. John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland. Available from OneSearch. Players and officials: J. T. Murray, F. Story, J. Fihelly, George MacPherson, George Brotherton, A. Luke, T. Hall, J. Diamond, H. Drake, George Benson, P. Crowe, K. MacSwaine, M. Brennan, T. J. Donovan (Representative Q.R.U.), I. Russel, (Vice President), J. T. Corrigan (Vice President), T. W. Haslett, T. C. Troedson (Captain), G. Murray, Jno Coulter (Patron), J. A. Imrie (Honorable Secretary).

In this photo, he is pictured with the Past Grammar School Rugby Union Club in 1905.

Past Grammar School Rugby Union Club, 1905 season. P. C. Poulsen. John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland. Available from OneSearch and from Wikimedia Commons. Back row:  R. Murray, C. K. Lea. Middle row:  C. E. Parkinson, A. W. Leeds, D. F. Storey, H. S. Smith, G. W. Murray, F. G. Lewis, G. H. Blanchard. Front row: A. J. Bennett, J. Dalrymple, T. Troedson, F. C. Cleeve (Captain), T. J. Brundrit, R. Collins, N. R. Murray. In front: F. Walsh, J. Robertson. 

Brisbane Courier, 12 May 1905, page 5. Available from Trove.

Brisbane Courier, 12 May 1905, page 7. Available from Trove.

By 1906, Terry was captain of the Past Grammar Rugby Union Club.

 Queensland Figaro, 10 May 1906, page 26. Available from Trove.

 He was eventually elected patron of the Past Grammar Football Club.

Brisbane Courier, 22 February 1929, page 6, Available from Trove

He was a member of the Brisbane Dingey Sailing Club.

Brisbane Courier, 16 March 1906, page 7. Available from Trove.

 Brisbane Courier, 18 April 1907, page 2. Available from Trove.

He was also a member of the Commercial Rowing Club.

Telegraph (Brisbane), 7 November 1908, page 3. Available from Trove.

The Week (Brisbane), 29 January 1909, page 29. Available from Trove.

The adjective "sporting" definitely described Theodore Christopher Troedson!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Mystery Monday: What Happened to Nathan Gatlin in 1822?

I recently found the following notice in the 27 November 1822 issue of the Nashville Whig:

Nashville Whig, 27 November 1822, page 3

I had not known that my 5th-great-grandfather Nathan Gatlin was a constable. Clearly something had happened to him in 1822. Why couldn't he give security? What acts of his might injure others?

The Andrew Lucas who had been Nathan Gatlin's security was probably my 6th-great-grandfather Andrew Lucas, who was Nathan's father-in-law. He had a son who was also named Andrew Lucas, but that Andrew was only about 22 years old and had recently married. I do not know who Arnold Russell was.

This was a fascinating find! I will definitely need to do more research.