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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Wednesday's Child: Marcella Staeuble

Mortuary record for April 1910, Louisville, Kentucky. Kentucky, Death Records, 1852-1963 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2007.

Marcella Staeuble (or Stauble) was born on 5 July 1908 in Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky. She was the daughter of  John A. Staeuble (or Stauble) and Mary K. Casabella. She died of diptheria on 18 April 1910.

The 1910 United States Federal Census enumeration responses reflected the composition of the household as of 15 April 1910. Marcella's family was enumerated on 22 or 23 April 1910. Although she was deceased at that time, she was enumerated with her family because she was still alive on April 15.

Marcella was my third cousin three times removed. She and her father were descendants of my 5th-great-grandparents Anton Stäuble and Maria Elisabeth Gaßmann (or, written without using the eszett, Gassmann).

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

German-American Day and German-American Heritage Month

German-American Day is celebrated on October 6. It is a time to honor the contributions of German-Americans. Also, October is German-American Heritage Month. Many of my blog posts this month will be about my German and German-American family members. I am 1/4 German; my maternal grandmother Margaret Ann Schneider was the daughter of German immigrants. Her mother Paulina Gersbacher immigrated in 1883 when she was not quite seven years old, and her father John (Johann) Schneider immigrated in 1892, when he was in his early teens. They both came over with their families.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Military Monday: War Memorials, St. Karl Borromaeuskapelle, Rotzel, Baden, Germany

St. Karl Borromaeuskapelle in Rotzel, Laufenburg, Waldshut, Baden-Württemberg, Germany has two memorial plaques which list the names of local men who died or went missing during  the Franco-Prussian War, World War I, and World War II.

There are also two markers. One has an iron cross, and the other has a wreath with a helmet in the center.

A transcription of the men's names is available at

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Sunday's Obituary: Elizabeth Zana (Young) Anderson

Chicago Tribune, 2 July 1950, page 22
ANDERSON–Elizabeth Zana Anderson, nee Young, beloved wife of Dr. Reuben A.,fond mother of Dr. Robert A., sister of Henry L. Yung, grandmother of Cynthia and Claudia. Services Monday, July 3, 1:30 p.m., at funeral home. 1107 W. 79th street. Interment Cedar Park Cemetery.

Elizabeth Zana Young was the daughter of Henry Bernard and Zana A. Yung. She married my great-grandfather's brother Reuben Alexander Anderson on 10 April 1935 in Cook County, Illinois. Robert A. Anderson was actually her stepson, and Cynthia and Claudia were her step-granddaughters.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

52 Ancestors: Week 40 "October": Anton Stäuble

My 5th-great-grandfather Anton Stäuble (or Steuble) was born on 10 October 1741 in Rotzel (now part of Laufenberg), Waldshut, Baden, Germany. He was the son of Georg Steuble and Catharina Fack. He married Maria Elisabeth Gaßmann (or, written without using the eszett, Gassmann) on 27 November 1764. They had the following children:

Anton (born 12 June 1773, died 29 November 1840)
Catharina (born 1 November 1775, died 1 December 1840)
Jacob (born 25 July 1777, died 4 March 1842)
Maria Elisabet (born 16 April 1779)
Eva (born 23 December 1781)
Joseph (born 12 October 1784, died 14 June 1845)
Liberatus (born 16 August 1786, died 26 August 1786)
Maria Eva (born 24 December 1787, died 21 December 1858)
Gregor (born 4 December 1790, died 4 August 1791)

His daughter Maria Eva Stäuble (often just called Eva Stäuble) was my 4th-great-grandmother.

Faller, Helmut. Familiengeschichte von Hochsal, Binzgen und Rotzel: Stadt Laufenburg. Bad Säckingen: H. Faller, 2001.

Rotzel, Laufenberg, Waldshut, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Friday, October 2, 2015

Friend of Friends Friday: Judicial Sale of the Property of Oliver A. Locy

Planters Banner, 3 February 1853, page 3

From the Planters Banner (Franklin, St. Mary Parish, Louisiana):

Of the Property belonging to the Estate of 
OLIVER A. LOCY, deceased.
BY virtue of an order issued out of the Honorable the District Court, in and for the parish of St. Mary, and to me directed and delivered, I shall offer to the last and highest bidder, at public sale, on SATURDAY, the 5th day of March, 1853, at 10 o'clock, A.M., the following described property, to wit:
     A certain house and lot situated in the Indian Bend, in this parish, on the east side of bayou Teche, bounded above by lot of Valsin Cuvillier, and below by lot of James Taylor, and fronting on the public road, having a front of about 100 feet with the depth of 150 feet, more or less.
     Also––FRANCES, a negro woman, aged about 27 years; and WILLIAM, a negro boy, aged about 11 years.
     Terms and Conditions.––The house and lot to be sold one third cash, and the balance in one and two years from day of sale. The slaves on a credit of one and two years from day of sale; purchasers are required to furnish their notes with good and sufficient security in solido made payable to the order of the natural tutor of the minor children, and conditioned to bear interest at the rate of 8 per cent. per annum from their respective dates until paid, and the property to be and remain specificaly mortgaged in favor of the said estate, until full and entire payment of said notes and interest.
                                            W.F. HAIFLEIGH, Sheriff.
Parish of St. Mary, Jan. 27, 1853.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Those Places Thursday: Veggie Heaven

October 1 is World Vegetarian Day. I have been a vegetarian for 14 years. My favorite restaurant is Veggie Heaven. The restaurant is located at 473 Cedar Lane, Teaneck, New Jersey. Asian vegetarian/vegan cuisine is served. The food is also kosher and GMO-free.

Every year on my birthday, my parents and I go to Veggie Heaven for dinner. I usually order the General Tso's Chicken. Of course, the "chicken" is actually made of vegetable protein; the "meats" are made of soy, tempeh, and wheat gluten. The food is so good, and it is nice to not have to ask about ingredients like I do in many other restaurants.

Veggie Heaven has takeout too. Last year, when I was bottle-feeding my kitten Flash, we couldn't go out for dinner on my birthday because Flash couldn't go without food that long. My parents picked up takeout from Veggie Heaven, and we had my birthday dinner at my house. It worked out really well!

My father and Flash at my birthday dinner in 2014