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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Gloucester County Historical Society Databases

The Gloucester County Historical Society in Woodbury, New Jersey has the following online databases available:

Marriages (1686 - 1939)
Deaths (1686 - 1939)
Cemetery Records (1700s, 1800s, 1900s)
Gloucester County Historical Society Library Catalog
Burlington County Vital Statistics from the Elma Eckert Collection
Burlington County Cemetery Records from the Elma Eckert Collection
Burlington County Obituaries from the Elma Eckert Collection
Burlington County Churches from the Elma Eckert Collection

The databases are available to members who have selected a membership that includes a database searching subscription. A three-month database searching subscription membership is also available.

I found my great-grandmother's stepfather/adoptive father James Mapplebeck's brother and sister in these databases. George Mapplebeck's January 1927 death is recorded in the Deaths database (under the surname Mapleback), and includes a citation to a newspaper article in the Gloucester County Democrat. He died in Glassboro, New Jersey as he was leaving work. A record for Sarah Mapplebeck is in the Cemetery Records database. She is buried in Manahath Cemetery in Glassboro.

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