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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wednesday's Child: Alice, Hugh, and David Winters

The Winters family Bible includes information about three people with the surname Winters who were buried at Graceland Cemetery in Chicago, Illinois. All were buried in block 2, no. 213. I contacted Graceland Cemetery to find out more about these people, such as their dates of birth or their ages at death. I was told that they were three children, all buried in one grave in their single grave section:

Alice Winters
Date of death:           July 29, 1866
Burial date:               July 30, 1866
Age at death:            14 days

Hugh Winters
Date of death:           September 10, 1866
Burial date:               September 11, 1866
Age at death:            3 years, 8 months

David Winters
Date of death:           September 22, 1868
Burial date:               September 26, 1868
Age at death:            21 days

I realized that they had to be children of my 3rd-great-grandparents John Bennet Winters and Anna Walker, who moved to Chicago in the 1860s. Young Hugh had the same name as John's father. I had thought that it was unusual that my great-great-grandmother Catherine Elizabeth Winters was an only child. I realized that she had not been an only child; she had been the only child that survived to adulthood.

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