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Friday, September 18, 2015

Friend of Friends Friday: Do Not Purchase Notice, Franklin, St. Mary's Parish, Louisiana

Planters Banner, 3 February 1853, page 3

ALL persons are hereby notified and warned not to purchase from Henry C. Dwight, of this parish, the following described slaves, to wit: William, a negro man, aged about 34 years; Isaac, aged 32 years; Hector, aged 33 years; Washington, aged 31 years; Fanny, a negro woman, aged about 30 years; Charlotte, aged 50 years; Rachael, aged 10 years; Vat, aged 58 years; Centhia, aged 27 years; Jane, aged 24 years; Betty, aged 17 years; Phebe, aged 50 years; Harry, aged 42 years; Ida, aged 15 years; Jupiter, aged 52 years; Frank, aged 27 years; Maria, aged 27 years; Jerry, aged 23 years; David, aged 50 years; Romeo, aged 45 years; Daniel; aged 45 years; Michael, aged 17 years; David, aged 14 years; Lydia, aged 11 years; Sarah, aged 45 years; Bill, aged 38 years; Mary, aged 28 years; Sydmene, aged 43 years; Nancy, aged 18 years; Massy, aged 45 years; Lewis, aged 23 years; Richard, aged 20 years; Louisa, aged 17 years; Little Betty, aged 21 years; Molly, aged 30 years; Lawra, aged 22 years; Milly, aged 14 years; Jackson, aged 19 years; Helen, aged 10 years; Joe, aged 38 years; Jack, aged 45 years; Jim, aged 36 years; Marulite, aged 7 years; Madeline, aged 38 years; Lydia, aged 30 years; or any of their increase.
     The title to said slaves being now in litigation in a writ pending in the District Court of this parish, entitled James Smith vs. Henry C. Dwight, No. 4447 on the docket of said court, and the undersigned having recently been informed that the said Dwight is fraudulently attempting to sell said slaves. Public caution is hereby given to all persons not to purchase from said Dwight any of the above described slaves, under the penalties of the law and at their own peril.                  JAMES T. SMITH.
     Franklin, La., January 20, 1853.

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