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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Workday Wednesday: Theodore Christopher Troedson, Director of the Queensland Intelligence and Tourist Bureau

My first cousin three times removed Theodore Christopher Troedson was the director of the Queensland Intelligence and Tourist Bureau. The Bureau was established on 11 April 1907. Theodore became Acting Director in 1908, and he was Director by 1911. The Bureau promoted tourism in Queensland. It produced pamphlets, which were available by mail or at the Bureau. The 1915 pamphlet Hints to Tourists provides information about tourist attractions in Queensland, as well as the best times to take a trip. The Bureau also produced color postcards and created tourism exhibits.

Theodore often traveled on business. In 1918, he published an article, "White Grown Sugar in Queensland", in the Mid-Pacific Magazine, vol. 15; the article emphasized the opportunities to make money in Queensland.

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