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Friday, May 13, 2016

The Cumberland Compact

Cumberland Compact, original signers, page 1. Available from 

The Cumberland Compact established a constitutional government for the settlement at Fort Nashborough in the Cumberland region. It was signed by 256 men on May 1, 1780, and some additional provisions were added on May 13, 1780. Until Davidson County, North Carolina was created in 1783, the Cumberland Compact was used to govern the settlement. The area eventually became Nashville, Tennessee.

Under the Cumberland Compact, twelve men would be elected to a "Tribunal of Notables."They would serve as a governing council, and could be removed from office.

My 6th-great-grandfather Andrew Lucas was one of the signers of the Cumberland Compact. His signature is the sixth one in the third column. His half-brother Robert Lucas was also one of the signers. His signature was in the second column, three rows lower than Andrew's.

Cumberland Compact | Entries | Tennessee Encyclopedia
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  1. Henry Guthrie, 6th signer in middle row is 6th great-grandfather of my grandchildren through their paternal side.

    1. Kathy: We recently discovered that Henry Guthrie is my husband's ancestor. Can you share with me anything further you know about him? Have you been to his grave in Nolensville?