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Friday, August 19, 2016

Friend of Friends Friday: Daniel, Runaway Slave of Robert Lankford

Nashville Republican, 4 July 1835, page 3

20 Dollars Reward.
RANAWAY from the subscriber, on the morning of the 26th inst. a negro boy : named DANIEL about 16 or 17 years old, very black skin, and dirty or slovenly in his appearance : he is well made, of common size, and tolerably smart. Said boy ranaway about 2 years ago, and was taken up and confined in Bellefonte jail, and had assumed another name. He will all probability change his name again and endeavor to make for some free State, or for some other distant point. If apprehended in this county and delivered to me, I will give five dollars reward, or ten dollars if taken out of the State and secured in jail, so that I get him. Any person taking up or hearing of said boy, will please address me, at Huntsville, Ala: and they shall be fully satisfied for any trouble or expense they may be at, besides the reward above offered.
                                                  ROBERT LANKFORD.
  Madison County, Ala; July 4th––3t. prs fee $3

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  1. Beth, thanks for another contribution to the Slave Name Roll Project. I've added a link to this page to the project page.