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Friday, August 5, 2016

Friend of Friends Friday: Aron, Slave of Herbert G. Waggener

Nashville Whig, 4 July 1818, page 4

RANAWAY or stolen, from the subscriber on the 15th of this month, a negro boy and horse ; the boy is about 17 years old, tolerably well grown, named ARON, his mouth is tolerable large, midling sizeable upper fore teeth, flat nose, long nostrils, his complexion a little yellowish, he had nothing on but a tow linen shirt, when last seen. The horse is a yellow bay, little inclined to be white round his mouth and belly, his mane hangs on the left side, his fore feet broad, & s[?] across the toe, and bare footed, he had on a snaffled bit bridle, the leathers a good deal worn. Any person taking up said boy and horse and delivering tho me shall be entitled to a reward of $20 if taken within this state, and if out of the state $30, for boy and horse, and $20 more for convicting and confining the thief, and giving me notice, or in proportion for either, &c.
                                                        HERBERT G. WAGGENER
Columbia, Adair Co., Ky. June 27, 1818-3t

Herbert G. Waggener was a Baptist preacher. The Herbert Green Waggener Timeline provides more information on him and his slaves.

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