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Friday, July 10, 2015

Friday's Faces from the Past: Barber Shop Photo

The house numbers and the barber pole are important clues which helped me to identify the location where this photograph was taken. In the 1897 St. Louis, Missouri city directory, my great-great-grandfather's brother John William (Johann Wilhelm) Schneider's address was listed as 1728 Geyer Ave., and his occupation was "barber." In the 1900 United States census, he was enumerated at 1728-1730 Geyer Ave., and he was a barber. I believe that this photograph is of his barber shop in St. Louis. I think that he is the man in the center. (For comparison, see this photo of him.)

John William Schneider had two sons: Carl Joseph Schneider (born 13 February 1886) and Ferdinand Constand Schneider (born 4 November 1887). One of them may be pictured on the far right. I have a photo of Ferdinand as an adult.

If anyone has any additional observations or thoughts about this photo, I would love to hear them!

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