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Thursday, May 8, 2014

NGS 2014: Day 2

Day 2 of NGS 2014 was also long and busy, but very educational and enjoyable. I spent the earlier part of the morning learning about land records. At 8:00 I attended Barbara Vines Little's session on the records of the Virginia Land Office, and at 9:00 I attended Vic Dunn's session on the records of the Northern Neck Proprietary. At 11:00 I heard Nathan W. Murphy speak about colonial ancestors who came to America as indentured servants. I then attended the Palatines to America luncheon, where Victor T. Jones spoke about the founding and early days of New Bern, North Carolina and the Swiss and Palatine immigrants who settled there. At 2:30, I heard Greg Crawford speak about the Augusta County, Virginia chancery court records and the stories they told. It was fascinating to learn that these court records could contain information about events that happened 50 or more years earlier. At 4:00, I attended Rebecca A. Ebert's session on Frederick County, Virginia and its history and settlers. I found more books I needed in the Exhibit Hall. I finished off the day with the Virginia Genealogical Society host society event "Land for the Taking" at 6:00. The entertaining one-hour presentation was given by the character of Robert Lucas, a surveyor in 1774 Virginia.

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