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Friday, September 16, 2016

Jacob Bär

My 4th-great-grandfather Jacob Bär was born 238 years ago today, on 16 September 1778, in Görwihl, Waldshut, Baden, Germany. He was the son of Joseph Bähr and Magdalena Huber.

He married Magdalena Kaiser on 22 March 1802 in Görwihl. Their first child, Maria, was born less than 3 months later, on 15 June 1802, but died the next day. Their second child, Bartholomaeus, was born on 25 August 1804; he also died the next day. Their third child, Pelagius was born on 4 September 1805. This child survived, but the next child also died very young. Blasius was born on 3 February 1808, but died on 12 August 1808. Jacob and Magdalena had five more children: Franzisca (born 10 October 1811), Fridolin (born 9 March 1815), my 3rd-great-grandmother Maria (born 10 September 1818), Theresia (born 23 September 1821), and Thomas (born 11 November 1824).

Jacob's occupations were Taglöhner (day laborer) and Eisenhändler (ironmonger).

He died on 19 March 1854.

Faller, Helmut. Familiengeschichte der Gemeinde Görwihl. Bad Säckingen : H. Faller, 2000.

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