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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Treasure Chest Thursday: Bø Bygdebok

I recently acquired volumes 1-3 of Bø-Soga II: Telemark, Gards- og ættesoga, by Stian Henneseid, and edited by Gregar Nordbø. The books were published by Bø Kommune, Telemark, Norway in 1982. Bø-Soga II is a bygdebok for the Bø parish in Telemark, Norway. Bygdebøker (the Norwegian plural) contain farm histories and genealogical information about the people who lived at each farm. They are a valuable resource for tracing Norwegian ancestry. Out-of-print bygdebøker can be hard to find. My great-grandfather John Boe's parents were both born in Bø, and my ancestry in and around that area can be traced back to the late 1500s. I feel very fortunate to own these books.


  1. That's wonderful! I too have ancestry from Bo, Telemark, Norway.

  2. Who are your ancestors? Maybe we're cousins!