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Sunday, December 28, 2014

52 Ancestors: #52 Jørgen Gunleksen Juve

I have found many name variants for my 7th and 8th-great-grandfather: given name (Jørgen, Jørund), patronymic (Gunlekson, Gunnleikson, Gundlegson), and farm name (Juve, Gjuve, Djuve, and his father's farm name Nordgarden or Nordgaarden). I will refer to him here by the name Jørgen Gunleksen Juve, the version given in his death record. He is both my 7th- and 8th-great-grandfather because I descend from two of his children.

Jørgen was born about 1688 in Kviteseid, Telemark, Norway. He was the son of Gunnleik Sveinungson Nordgarden and Jorunn Tormodsdatter.

On 8 January 1711 in Seljord, Telemark, Norway, Jørgen married Hilleborg Christiansdatter Roch, the daughter of Christian Christophersen Roch, sorenskriver (magistrate) of Øvre Telemark, Norway.

Source information: Telemark county, Seljord, Parish register (official) nr. I 2 (1689-1713), Marriage records 1709-1711, page 392-393.

Jørgen and Hilleborg had six children: Kristian (born about 1712), Kristoffer (born about 1713), my 7th-great-grandmother Maren (born about 1720), my 6th-great-grandfather Per (born about 1723), Gunnleik (born about 1725), and Jorunn (born about 1728).

In 1737, Jørgen became lensmann (sheriff) of Seljord, Telemark, Norway.

Jørgen died in Seljord on 9 June 1754. His wife Hilleborg had died four days earlier, on 5 June 1754. They were buried on 13 June 1754.

Source information: Telemark county, Seljord, Parish register (official) nr. I 6 (1744-1755), Chronological list 1754, page 128.

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Jørund Gunnleiksson Nordgarden

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